Question: How can we bring our dreams into our meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: If you have very happy and delightful dreams, then they may encourage you and inspire you to meditate. Again, it may happen that after you have a dream you will go on imagining all that happened in your dream, even during your meditation. You will say to yourself, “I saw a beautiful Golden Shore.” Then you will be there all the time and your real inner cry will not come to the fore. Many times people have had very high dreams and tried to remain there, but then the real intensity of their meditation went away. Again, it also may happen that when you have an inspiring dream, you feel that the Golden Shore is not a dream but a reality. So you say, “Let me work very hard.”

When you meditate, you don’t have to think of your dreams at all; just meditate most sincerely so that you can go high, higher, highest. This is the positive way. In this way it is not necessary to bring your dreams into your meditation at all.