Question: If we are feeling tired, should we still come to U.N. Meditation Group meetings?

Sri Chinmoy: If you are tired, you should come to the meeting in order to get new life, a new flow of life energy. If you are tired, you will get from your meditation new energy, new enthusiasm, new promise. Meditation is a process to awaken or acquire the energy that is not within you at this moment or the energy that is waiting for you to invoke it. In meditation, you invoke cosmic energy.

The energy that we have most of the time is very limited. We work a little and then we have to sleep or rest to recuperate. But if we can throw ourselves into the cosmic energy, we will never be at a loss for energy. Otherwise, if one works for a few hours, one is bound to be tired, exhausted; one has to sleep for a few hours in order to gain back new energy. But in our case, meditation constantly supplies us with energy, for it has the capacity to enter into the cosmic energy which is all around, whereas our physical life does not have the key to enter into the cosmic energy. So it is always advisable to come to the meetings; then you will have new energy. It is most important to come to meditation regularly. Meditation is illumination and illumination is the constant flow of new possibility, new realisation, new perfection in life.