Mr. Saxton: But how do you reach that state?

Sri Chinmoy: Through prayer and meditation. When we pray and meditate every day, our necessities diminish. Right now we may have twenty desires. But if we pray and meditate, over a period of time our desires will decrease. From twenty it becomes ten; then gradually it becomes five or six. Then, when we do not have any desires, if we can live even for five minutes without any desires, then we are bound to get peace of mind. If we can surrender our individual will to God’s Will, then easily we can have peace of mind. Now we separate our will from God’s Will. We may want a particular thing, although we know perfectly well that God wants something else from us. He wants us to be freed, to be liberated from the meshes of ignorance, but we enjoy the worldly life, or pleasure-life. But eventually we will care only for the aspiration-life, Him to serve, Him to fulfil, here on earth and there in Heaven.

Mr. Saxton: It has been very interesting talking to you.