Part VI

FW 234-258. In November, Sri Chinmoy asked members of the Meditation Group to submit spiritual questions for him to answer during the Group's regular meetings. These questions were answered on 16 and 26 November 1976.

A supreme honour

Sri Chinmoy: I have repeatedly said, to work at the United Nations is not like working at any other place. To work at the United Nations, to serve the United Nations in any capacity — whether in the highest role or the lowest role — is a supreme honour. Each nation here is a solid branch of God’s Reality-Dream or Dream-Reality. Therefore, here we get the opportunity to discover and realise that we are of the One and for the many and, again, that from the many we have come to please the One. When we come out of the One for the many, we carry the Dream of the One for the many. While we are away from the Source, we try to please the Source and fulfil the Source. And from the many when we come to the One, we come with the hope of adding to the Source.

I shall be extremely happy and grateful if one by one you could ask your short and soulful questions. My answers will be my dedication, as your questions will be your dedication to the soul of the United Nations. Very soon we shall offer our soulful aspiration-book to the soul and the body of the United Nations, to all the members and all those who are aspiring to unite the world into one body and one soul, to all those who truly love not only God the Creator but also God the creation. God the creation has the greatest opportunity here at the United Nations to flower into a most illumining Reality.