Part IV

FW 418-429. These are Sri Chinmoy's answers to questions submitted by members of the Meditation group on 18 July 1978.

Question: How can I have more patience?

Sri Chinmoy: If you know what patience is, then it is very easy for you to have more of it. If you feel that a particular thing requires a certain length of time, then you will become impatient when the time is up. You have set a time limit: in two days or in two weeks or in four months you have to realise God. After that time, if God is still hiding from you, if God-realisation still remains a far cry, then you become impatient.

You have to feel that you don’t have to set a time for your self-mastery. You should say, “I shall realise God at His choice Hour.” Your part is to pray and meditate and not to fix a date. God has not asked you to set a time for Him to come and visit you. Let the time be taken care of by God Himself. You be responsible only for your prayer and meditation; let God be responsible for the Hour. Each one can take care of his own business. Prayer belongs to you, but the time belongs to the Supreme.