Part VII

FW 373-390. These questions were submitted to Sri Chinmoy by members of the Meditation Group in April 1978.

Question: You are always talking about serving God in others. How can I develop more of the feeling of being with God when I am with people?

Sri Chinmoy: Your aspiration is your flame, your inner flame, illumination-flame. If you are sincerely aspiring, then you do not see anything but God inside everyone. Even if somebody or something is darkness incarnate, if you come with your illumination-flame, your light will chase the darkness away. Here, light is aspiration. If you are aspiring, you are carrying an inner flame. That inner flame illumines darkness; then you see light everywhere. When you see light and not darkness, then you have to know that this light itself is God. What else is God but constant illumination? If you carry light inside you, no matter whom you talk to, each time you talk you enter into the other person with your aspiring consciousness. If you carry your own aspiration-sea, illumination-sea, you won’t see darkness; you will see only your own light, your own illumination.