Question: Which is the best way for a nation to contribute to the world at large?

Sri Chinmoy: Each nation has to feel that there is only one nation: one world nation and one world family. We are not only of the One but also for the One. The Source is One and that means that the end is also One. When we say that we are of the One but for the many, we create a problem. As soon as we say “many”, we feel that there are many different minds, different approaches and different realities; there is no feeling of oneness. But if we say that we are of the one and for the one, then there is no problem. Take a tree, for example. A tree has branches, flowers, leaves and fruits. If we don’t take the tree as one unit or one reality — if sometimes we appreciate the flowers, sometimes the fruits and sometimes the branches, if each time we pay attention to one particular part or achievement of the tree — then we are unable to pay full attention to all the things that the tree embodies, and this creates problems. But if we take the tree as one reality and simply water the tree or sit at the foot of the tree for our prayer and meditation, for our own illumination, then all our problems are solved.

So, each Nation should feel that there is only one nation, one reality, and inside that one reality are all the nations. Otherwise, if one nation is meditating, it may say, “Let me pray and meditate for all the nations.” And then, in a few days’ time, if the other nations make some mistake or say something wrong, immediately that particular nation will feel displeased and will stop praying and meditating for the others. But if that particular nation feels that all the nations have been combined and amalgamated into one reality, then there will be no problem. It will all the time pray and meditate for the other nations.

The best way for the individual nation to make progress and also to add to world progress is to feel that there is only one reality. This reality is the source, the goal, and it is also the traveller. In that way, the individual nation will make fastest progress and also will be able to contribute much to the world at large most satisfactorily. Always it has to think of the source, of the course, the journey, the road and the destination — everything — as one, all one.