Question: What is the best aspect of the Supreme to concentrate on for transformation?

Sri Chinmoy: It is always advisable to concentrate upon the Compassion aspect of the Supreme for your personal transformation or world transformation because it is the Compassion aspect of the Supreme that expedites our progress. When the Supreme offers His Compassion, it is all unconditional. If we concentrate on His Heart aspect, or Delight aspect or Peace aspect or any other aspect, we may have in our mind the thought that we have given the Supreme something. We have given Him a drop and now He may give us the ocean. Always there is a feeling of an exchange. He is infinitely richer, infinitely more powerful than we are in every way. He has infinite Capacities whereas our capacities are very limited, so we are giving him what we have and He will give us what He has. If we have that kind of feeling, transformation will take time.

But if we approach His Compassion aspect, we make ourselves feel that we are in no way adding to what He has, or offering Him anything that He needs. Instead, we feel that we need our own transformation and world transformation, and out of His infinite Bounty, unconditionally He is giving this to us. If we have that kind of approach to the Supreme, then our heart’s gratitude will overflow and it will accelerate our progress. So the Compassion aspect is always best if we want to accelerate our own progress and the progress of world evolution. This is the fastest way to make individual and collective progress.