Question: How can we feel and show our gratitude to the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: You can show your gratitude to the United Nations by becoming gratitude itself. When you think of gratitude, imagine that a flower is growing inside you. And feel that this particular flower has to be placed at the Feet of the Absolute Supreme. By imagining that a beautiful flower is blossoming petal by petal and offering its fragrance inside your heart, you can easily offer your gratitude. Gratitude is something beautiful, extremely beautiful: beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful. And what is beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful in you or around you or before you? It is a flower. So that most beautiful thing you must try to have inside your heart, which is the real reality in you. So inside your heart, inside your reality, there should be something that is really beautiful, divinely beautiful, supremely beautiful. So if you can think all the time that this flower-heart is your only reality, then automatically you will be offering gratitude to the soul of the United Nations.