Question: What qualities on the material and spiritual plane can we offer to the United Nations to best fulfil the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, you have to know what the spiritual qualities are and what the material qualities are. Spiritual qualities are many; material qualities are also many. But the first and foremost material quality on the earth plane is concern. And the first and foremost quality on the spiritual plane is self-giving. So, if our body, vital and mind have true concern for the United Nations, then we have to know that the quality that we have exists on the material plane, on the earth plane. Again, if we have the inner attitude of constant self-giving, if we have the constant message of self-giving, then that is a spiritual quality that we have. This spiritual quality and material or earth quality can be unified only when each is fulfilled in its proper way. That is to say, when we look at the body of the United Nations, we will look with our concern; we will see that humanity is depending on the vision of the United Nations to lead it to greater progress. And when we think of the soul of the United Nations, the inner reality, we have to feel that its fulfilment can take place only on the strength of our own self-giving. We have to give ourselves to the cause, to the vision and to the goal that the United Nations has placed before us: world peace, world harmony and oneness-light.