Question: Is it best to try to bring new seekers to our United Nations meditations, or just let them discover it on their own?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on the individual. There are some individuals who are afraid of bringing others to the Meditation Group here. They feel that by doing so they are wasting their precious time, which they can utilise by doing something more valuable. Again, there are some people who have felt something in our meditation here. They feel that they have got some delicious fruit and now their wide heart, their kind heart, their sympathetic heart wants to share this fruit with others who are near and close to them. It is like the mother. When the mother gets something nice, immediately the mother wants to share it with her child. So, if one has a oneness-heart, then it is advisable for that individual to bring seekers here to meditate.

But unfortunately there are some who feel that the Peace, Light and Bliss that we bring down is measured, limited, so naturally they feel a certain kind of loss when they bring others. For they feel that the more people that are here, the less there is for everyone. But this is a deplorable mistake. Here all of us are meditating most sincerely and soulfully, and what we bring down is measureless in every way. Spirituality cannot be measured. Spiritual Peace, Light and Delight can never be measured. And these qualities are not the sole monopoly of an individual either. All those who sincerely cry for spiritual Peace, Light and Bliss will be granted the same opportunity and the same reality.