Question: What is the best way to serve the United Nations: through meditation or action?

Sri Chinmoy: There is no basic difference between soulful action and soulful meditation. Meditation and action are one, provided they are done in a soulful way. If one acts soulfully, then he is doing a really good meditation. And if one is meditating soulfully, then that person is also acting in a divine way. So, it all depends on how we meditate and how we work. If there is a soulful reality inside our action and if there is a soulful reality in our meditation, then we are serving the same purpose.

At times our mind separates action and meditation. But we can easily convince the mind by becoming the embodiment of a true seeker, by reaching a certain height with our morning meditation and by again reaching the same height through our daily actions during the day. So, in the morning let us call what we do meditation, and during the day let us call what we do dedication. This soulful dedication is undoubtedly soulful meditation.