Appendix: these quotes, from other writings of Sri Chinmoy, were included in the first editions.

"Man says that he has a crying body.
  I say that he has an aspiring temple.
  Man says that he has a wandering soul.
  I say that he has a glowing and flying bird.
  Man says that he achieves the Truth.
  I say that he embodies and reveals the Truth."

"The Joy of the Supreme is my strength.
  The Love of the Supreme is my life.
  The Inspiration of the Supreme is my salvation."

"I am never happy except when I am crying" — crying to the Supreme for the Supreme.

"To fly with God I need no wings.
  Lo, I am flying without wings.
  To run with God I need no legs.
  Lo, I am running without legs.
  To think with God I need no mind.
  Lo, I am thinking without the mind."

"Do you know the secret of my spiritual success?
  I have freed myself from the past.
  I live in constant, unending newness of life.
  To me, God is my immortalising Freedom.
  To God, I am His devoted assurance."

"My life is examination when I love myself.
  My life is excursion when God loves me.
  My life is severe concentration when I try to perfect my life.
  My life is clear illumination when God wants to and does perfect my life."

"I want my life neither to be external nor internal.
  I want my life always to be integral and continuous, transforming my nature and fulfilling God’s Breath, killing my ignorance, and building God’s Grace, swallowing the pride of Falsehood, and drinking the Light of Truth."