Question: Is it really necessary to seek help when we are suffering from mental problems? Can't we just meditate by ourselves and find the answer?

Sri Chinmoy: Suppose you find it extremely difficult to go deep within by yourself. You say, “I am suffering from certain mental difficulties, but I know the answer is inside. Now it is all night, but I feel that there is light inside my heart.” This is what you feel, but you find it difficult to go deep within and discover the light. Then you have to go to someone who can bring to the fore the light that you have within you. It is like your own house. You have misplaced the key and you don’t know how to open the door. But a friend of yours comes and helps you look for the key. After he finds it he opens the door for you and then he goes away. If you are ready to search for the key that you have lost, then you can try. But if you have a friend, then you can have more confidence in finding the key. So the teacher is a helper, an eternal friend who helps you in your search. When he finds the key, he won’t keep it. He will give you the key. He won’t say it is his key. No! It is your key, your house, your light. Then you will enter into the house and get everything that you needed and wanted.