Question: What should be the attitude of those who work at the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: Each individual connected with the United Nations in any capacity must be worthy of the word “united”. At the United Nations we are trying to unite all the nations, to establish world peace and world harmony. If we can serve the United Nations, consciously knowing at every moment the meaning of the role of the United Nations — unity — we will succeed.

Some of the members of the United Nations Meditation Group are conscious of this, but in spite of being conscious they are not taking it seriously, while others are not even conscious of it. They feel that they happen to work here just as they might happen to be at any other job. But each member of the United Nations Meditation Group must feel that his job is a golden opportunity to serve the Vision of God’s Oneness.

The United Nations is the song of oneness, and the song of oneness we are going to sing. We are going to sing it just because somebody has inspired us. Who has inspired us? The Absolute Supreme. Therefore, we have to be grateful to Him. If we are grateful to Him, then we will be able to sing our song. We will have a more soulful voice, and in our voice, in our action — which is dedicated service — there will be more spirituality, divinity and feeling of oneness.

If we want to serve anyone or anything in the best way possible, the best thing is to discover gratitude in our life. We are grateful because we are given the chance. God could have given the golden opportunity to somebody else, but He gave it to us. There should be no fear, no doubt, no anxiety, no worry — only gratitude. People who serve the United Nations in any capacity should feel some sense of gratitude inside their hearts. Here they are given the opportunity of serving humanity. There are many places where people are not even given that opportunity, but here at the United Nations they are.

The workers at the United Nations may quarrel, fight and do many undivine things, but they have a goal. There are many places on earth where there is no such thing as a goal. Here we know there is a goal. We may not walk along the right road to reach the goal, but we know about the goal, and one day perhaps we will feel miserable that we just talk about the goal but we don’t do anything to reach it. So when talking will no longer satisfy us, then we shall try to be really sincere. When we become sincere, we feel that there is something to intensify our sincerity, to illumine our sincerity, to fulfil our sincerity, and that thing is gratitude. Gratitude is self-expansion, gratitude is God-expansion within us. Once we offer an iota of gratitude to the Supreme in us, to the Inner Pilot within us, our heart is immediately expanded. There is no better way to expand our heart than to offer gratitude.