Question: How can I make the staff members of the United Nations feel that the Meditation Group is available to them?

Sri Chinmoy: You have friends, you have colleagues; you can speak to them. If once in a while you share with them your views on life, they will have no objection. If your colleagues don’t accept your ideas, you need not discuss them any more. You can also give them some of our writings, and tell them about our various activities. You have every right to give some material to your friends, but not when you are supposed to be working. During office hours you are serving the U.N. and getting a salary, so you should not talk to your friends when you have work to do. But during lunch or after office hours you can do whatever you want. Another thing you can do is to inspire your colleagues by the way you act, and by your service and dedication.

You can be like a mother with her child. The mother knows that something is good for the child, so she gives it to him. But the child may say, “No, I don’t like it,” and reject it. Then what can the mother do? Here at the United Nations, the Meditation Group is like a mother. All her children, the workers at the United Nations, may not know that there is something that is good for them. But the mother will try to show them. She will offer them kindness, oneness, sympathy, peace, joy, light, satisfaction. So you give to your colleagues your peace, your joy and your concern for light and universal harmony. If they reject it, that means that their hour has not come. Then you can approach some other people.

It is your business to give, but not to say that what you give is the only thing worthwhile in God’s creation, or that the Meditation Group is the only salvation. You can say, “We have something to offer. Do you care for it? If you care for it, we are more than willing to share it with you. If you don’t care for it, then I am sorry.” This should be your attitude.