Question: Should we advertise in our offices that we belong to the U.N. Meditation Group?

Sri Chinmoy: No, we should not advertise, but we should not be timid either. Only we should try to inspire people. If someone is kind, sympathetic, thinking of leading a better life, a higher life, we can speak to that person. But we don’t have to advertise or “missionise”. That would make it something commercial, and people will misunderstand us. They will think we are trying to convert them. We shall not do that. Only we shall try to inspire people with our own spiritual light.

Let them see something in us. If they see something in us, which is joy and peace of mind, then they will ask where we got it. Then we can tell them that we go to a place to pray and meditate and if they are interested, they can come. But we should not go around advertising our views everywhere at the United Nations. That is the wrong approach.