Question: How can I lose my suspicion of the outer world?

Sri Chinmoy: How can you lose your suspicion of the outer world? First you have to ask yourself whether your suspicion has helped you in any way. The answer will be no. It has not helped you at all. On the contrary, it has only lowered your consciousness, lowered your aspiration. Then you have to ask yourself one more question: are you wise or are you a fool? If you are a wise human being, then you will always act wisely. You are not a fool, so you are supposed to act like a wise individual. Anything that stands in the way of your God-discovery or Truth-discovery or life-manifestation has to be discarded.

Then you have to know where your suspicion is. Is it in the mind? Is it in the vital? Is it in the body? There can be suspicion in the physical and in the vital, but the suspicion that exists in these places is negligible. But the suspicion that is in the mind is like a mountain. So first you will enter into the place where suspicion is lurking all the time, which is the mind. Then you can tell suspicion, “Look, I have got nothing from you except misery, so why do I need you? You pretend to be my real friend, but you are not. A real friend does not create problems. It is only an enemy that creates problems. For a long time I did not know that you were an enemy; I considered you to be my friend. For this reason I allowed you to remain inside my mind. But now I know that you are not my friend. Just because you are my enemy, you have to leave. This is my house, absolutely mine. Here you have no place.”

But again, you have to realise that nobody and nothing can remain an eternal enemy. You will invoke and create boundless Light inside the mind and then either you shall allow suspicion to come into your mind for its illumination, or your illumined mind will enter into the human suspicion which has been discarded from the mind. The mind will enter in order to transform and illumine suspicion.

Nothing negative, nothing undivine can always remain undivine, for God’s Vision is eventually to make everything divine. But in the meantime certain things stand in our way inwardly and create problems for us. You have to tell them to remain far away and to let you reach your destination. Then, from the destination you can bring infinite Light to them. Or you can say, “Once I reach my destination, if you want to come and visit me, I shall allow you because at that time I shall have full authority and full capacity to transform you.” At that time, either suspicion will come to you for transformation or you shall come to it with illumination. For once you are illumined, you are no longer afraid of your existence. So in this way you can conquer suspicion.