Question: Can one find the fulfilment of his life in religion?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends entirely on the individual, on what kind of fulfilment he wants and needs from his own life and what kind of religion he is practising. If his religion is not broad, wide, all-embracing, then he is not going to get a fulfilment that is everlasting and complete. Partial fulfilment he will definitely get if he sticks to his own religion and does not want to come out of it. If he wants total fulfilment, however, then he has to enlarge his vision: he has to bring his religion into one world religion and he has to increase his heart’s capacity. His capacity has to increase infinitely so that his own religion can function in and through all religions.

Again, if one really wants fulfilment, he has to know that real fulfilment will not come just from following a particular religion or even all religions. Real fulfilment can come and will come only from one’s own sincere cry. Religion is like a house. Either in this house or in that house you can remain. But if you do not pray while you are inside the house, then there can be no real fulfilment. It is not following a religion but practising the principle that inwardly dictates the form of a religion which offers the way to real fulfilment. And this is what we call prayer and meditation.